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MSIA 2024 would provide a platform for distinguished gathering of researchers from academia and industry working in the field of Materials Science and Industrial Applications to share and discuss the latest advances challenges and future research directions. The conference would feature plenary and keynote speeches, interactive sessions, oral and poster paper presentations. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1 Biomaterials & Amorphous Materials

2 Ceramics and Glasses

3 Composites & Structured Materials

4 Engineering Polymers

5 Functional Materials & Magnetic Materials

6 Metallic Alloys

7 Multifunctional Materials

8 Nanomaterials & Smart Materials

9 Photovoltaic Materials

10 Sensors and Surfaces

11 Spintronics Materials and Devices

12 Superconducting Materials

13 Superplastic Materials

14 Corrosion & Erosion

15 Crack Resistance

16 Creep-resistance

17 Ductility

18 Electrical Properties

19 Fatigue and durability

20 Fracture Mechanics & Material mechanics

21 Magnetic Properties

22 Mechanical Properties

23 Metallography

24 Reliability Assessment

25 Wear Resistance

26 Working Properties of Materials

27 Casting and solidification

28 DSS, ES and AI in Manufacturing

29 Heat Treatment & Thermo-Chemical Treatment

30 Materials Forming & Machining

31 Plastic Deformation & Forming

32 Powder Metallurgy

33 Rapid Prototyping

34 Surface Engineering

35 Theory and Application of Friction and Wear

36 Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications

37 Tribology in Manufacturing Processes

38 Virtual Manufacturing, and Simulation

39 Welding & Sintering


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